by Len Kummerer

Greetings from the membership chair.  Our 2016-2017 membership year was another strong year with 133 paid members. We do appreciate your membership dues of $30. These dues help us to defray the costs of providing programming to you, our members, as well as the current program residents.  Over the past few years, we have taken a few steps to standardize and improve our membership process.  First of all, we have transitioned from directly collecting our membership dues to having our members contribute their dues directly to The Ohio State University Foundation. Making the dues payments directly to our Current Use Fund through the Foundation, affords several benefits for us as an organization and you as a member.  It allows us to collect dues electronically which has been a request of many of you.  This method benefits you because the dues are a tax deductible contribution (please consult your tax advisor for more information). The dues payment also counts towards your $75 requirement in order to be a sustaining member of The Ohio State University Alumni Association.  It is easy to join or renew your membership.

We receive a monthly report from the Foundation which we use to update our membership records. Please make sure your email address is up-to-date with The Ohio State University Alumni Association. Our membership year is from July to June.  Our main membership renewal drive has traditionally been linked to our Annual Meeting and Football Game registration. Collecting dues at this time fits perfectly into our year as that begins in mid-July.  Last year, we initiated a membership renewal reminder process. The renewal reminders went to individuals who had been members in the 2013-2014 membership year but had not renewed their dues by that point.  This was a very successful drive for us. Since it was so successful, we will continue this again this year. We are waiting until December this year due to the 85 for 85 Scholarship campaign.

For several years, we have sent out membership confirmation emails. These confirmations will generally come out shortly after the annual reunion or sometime shortly after you join or renew your dues. Finally, if you contribute more than the $30 membership dues, the excess amount is transferred to our scholarship fund and will not count towards a future year’s membership.

Once again, thank you for your membership!


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