February 2017

President’s Report by Kristy Mount

Greetings to all Stadium Scholarship alumni! Hopefully as you look at the articles and pictures included in this newsletter you are struck, as am I, by the strength and quality of the current Stadium Scholarship Program.

Under the guidance of Cheria Dials and outstanding residence advisors, the programming is strong, helping to maintain the cooperative spirit in SSP. The residents are outstanding, impressive young adults who are fun to be with and are always appreciative of what the Stadium Scholarship Alumni Society (SSAS) provides. Read more!

SSP Student Recaps

Read through all the articles from current Stadium Scholarship Program students. Everything from alumni care packages to their trip to the ScareAtorium. Read more!


On Feb. 14 and 15, Buckeyes can give back and pay forward. Together, we’ll make history. Be sure to make your gift to the Stadium Scholarship Scholarship Fund.

Distinguished Alumni Award

The Stadium Scholarship Alumni Society presented the Distinguished Alumni Award to Bruce A. McPheron for outstanding career achievement and sustained community service. Read more.

Homecoming Weekend Recap

Stadium Alums started their day early for the OSU Homecoming weekend, since the Buckeye Game was at the regular time, noon, as most of us remember when games started in our college days. Read more!

Dorm Director Report

SSP started autumn 2016 with 93 students in Scholars East and Scholars West. For our first event of the semester, we kicked things off with a teambuilding experience at SuperGames. Read more!

SSP Does BuckeyeThon

Thanks to the help of our alumni, four of the 14 members of SSP’s BuckeyeThon team are eligible to participate in BuckeyeThon and many are close to following suit! Learn more!

SSP Fall Break Trip 2016- Washington DC

The annual fall break trip for SSP was another great success. This year SSP traveled to our nation’s capital, Washington DC. Learn more!