85th Anniversary of Stadium Program Celebrated

Stadium Scholarship alumni came home to celebrate the 85th year of the program on March 3rd at Ohio Stadium. Almost 200 people gathered on the fifty-yard line for a picture. It was the beginning of a wonderful evening acknowledging program without comparison. Recognizing a common experience that changed lives.

Inside the Huntington Club, the group sat down for dinner and camaraderie. Greg Kirstein, Senior Vice President and General Counsel for the Columbus Blue Jackets, won the 2017 Outstanding Alumni Award.

Each decade of the program had a representative in an enlightening panel discussion. Our panelists shared enlightening and motivating thoughts. We discussed the history of our program. Topics of discussion and reflection included:

  • Post-war, barrack-style living conditions
  • Expansion of the program to almost 400 students
  • Admission of women
  • Moving to the current facilities at Scholars East and West

Throughout the “time and change”, one thing was consistent. For 85 years, this program has provided a cooperative environment for academically-strong, financially-eligible young adults. The program teaches the importance of working and living with diversity to reach a common goal. Many more years are ahead for the Stadium Scholarship Program and it will continue to serve students and the Buckeye community.