2018 Scholarship Recognition Banquet

On April 22nd, 2018, alumni, current ‘Stadiumites’, friends, and family came together to honor this year’s Stadium Scholarship Alumni Society scholarship recipients.  The annual Scholarship Recognition Banquet was held in The Ohio Staters, Inc. Traditions Room of the Ohio Union.  All in attendance enjoyed good food, conversation, and a motivating presentation by former Stadium resident and current Senior Vice President and General Counsel of the Columbus Blue Jackets, Greg Kirstein.

In all, the SSAS granted a total of $23,000 from our endowed scholarship funds to ten excellent recipients, who showed both academic aptitude and exemplary service to the Stadium Scholarship Program.  Jonathan Koval and Chris Sullivan were both recipients of the Cooperative Spirit Scholarship.  Andrew Michaelis was the recipient of the Robert E. Smart Scholarship.  Arman Esshaghi Bayat, Casey Cascaldo, Brian Chiou, Caleb Hickman, Sarah Johnson, Brice Metzger, and Alexis Smith all received Alumni Distinguished Service Scholarships.

All scholarships are paid from funds that are the possession of the SSAS and managed by OSU.  Be sure to keep these scholarship funds in mind when making donations to the university or in your wills and trusts.  Please, contact Mary Ann Heft, SSAS Treasurer, if you would like to donate to any of our endowed funds.


Dr. Douglas Byers

SSAS Scholarship Board Chair