Virtual Community Service Events

Be a part of the innovative, convenient Stadium Scholarship Alumni virtual community service program.  From Feb. 1–March 15, if you “serve those who serve us” with either your time or contribution, take a picture and post it on the Stadium Scholarship Alumni Society Facebook page, you have the chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card.  Those who serve us includes individuals such as firefighters, police, military, medical professionals, teachers etc.

Congratulations to our November winner, Paula Santa who after she won stated, “I lived in the Stadium from 1988-90. I was a night assistant, did dishes, and pots and pans. I met some of my best friends during my time at the SSD, and I currently enjoy volunteering with the SSAS and meeting fellow SSP alumni.”  Congratulations also to December’s winner, Lindsay Tate Mangan who shared, “I was part of the last group to live in the stadium 98-99 in unit P. Loved being part of the working community.  I worked in the cafeteria.  That was a wonderful way to meet people.  I moved to Mack hall to stay with the program for the remainder of the undergrad career.  I worked facilities services there my sophomore year and became manager for my junior and senior year.  Loved being part of this great program!”

Represent the Stadium Alumni by serving others and post on the Stadium Scholarship Alumni facebook page!