A letter from President Iric Bernal

Hello!  My name is Iric Bernal and I’m excited to serve as the next president of the Stadium Scholarship Alumni Society.  I lived in the Stadium Scholarship Dorm from 1990 – 1991.  While my time living in the stadium was short, the impact and benefits of the Stadium Scholarship Program have continued to stay with me to this day.   Being part of a unique dorm brought me a sense of belonging.  It felt good to recognize familiar places while walking around Ohio State.  It helped make a big university seem smaller and created a sense of camaraderie that is near and dear to many of us SSP alumni.  I am blessed to work with all the great people that serve on the SSAS board.

The Stadium Scholarship program celebrated its 85th year this past March.  What a great accomplishment. Throughout those 85 years and counting, SSP has survived many obstacles, such as moving across three dorms, switching from quarters to semesters, and being at half capacity.  Through it all, the program has persevered and remains strong.  I am proud to say that currently, the Scholars West and Scholars East dorms are at 100% capacity.

As SSP alumni, we are all stakeholders in the program.  The more generously we give of our time or resources, the more opportunities are created for current SSP students and alumni.  Please consider joining the board in the future, serving on a committee, or attending a future event.  During this season of thankfulness and giving, please consider donating money to the scholarship fund to help well-deserving students on their path towards graduation. If you are an alumnus and are not a member of the Stadium Scholarship Alumni Society, there is no better time than today to join.  Thank you to the alumni who faithfully donate time and money to the program each year.  Our success is because of you!


SSAS things I am thankful for:

I am part of an alumni society that got its start because of the special dorm many of us lived in.

Placing a bronze plaque at gate 25, which will forever memorialize our amazing program and even more, the current students who are a part of it.

The 85th Anniversary Celebration and scholarship drive where over $33,000 was raised for the scholarship fund.

SSAS helps students in many ways to be successful and achieve their ultimate goal of becoming a graduate of The Ohio State University.

Being able to offer deserving students housing scholarships.

Meeting new SSP alumni.

Being able to spend some time on the football field each year and knowing that I used to live in the Stadium.

What SSAS things are you thankful for this year? Share your thoughts and we will share them in the next newsletter.